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Pago/D by Belca2023 From the collaboration with the renowned German brand Pagholz comes the Pago chair, characterized by the original, pure and contemporary shape of the shell, designed to be elegant and discreet, so that it can adapt to different environments and situations. The 8mm thick shell is made of resin-impregnated beech wood sheets which […]


FlatMarmi Sacco2018 The Flat Marble Chair project was born from my need not to waste such a precious natural material. I designed a chair that acquires volume thanks to the intersection of three slabs, 2cm thick, with pure geometric shapes: a rectangle, a circle and a trapezium. The result is a play of balances between […]

Pen+ Ellipse

Pen+ EllipseMoleskine2018 The design of Moleskine’s new Smart Pen was created around the two features that exist within it: the analog feature is the ink refill and the digital feature is a camera. Both are incorporated in the pen. These two features are the foci of the ellipse and distinguish that particular section of the […]


TwineMingardo2017 Twine is a small bench whose six legs are tied together by two brass strips underneath the seat. These divide the space into shapes that mutate according to the observer’s point of view. A third strip ties the legs together embellishing the bench with rich details. It is designed to offer a temporary seat, […]

Ties + Pack

Ties + PackHave a Good Tie2016 A passionate research has led us to select fabrics which are unusual for fashion accessories, with technical and aesthetic features never seen before;– A new folding and seaming technique of the fabric, that allowed the experienced, keen-to-experiment Italian artisans to produce our ties by using a single piece of […]


KappaTriennale di Milano2015 Kappa is a lectern and an exhibitor of catalogs made from two metal sheets that are bent and welded together. I designed it for the K Ration exhibition, exhibited at the Triennale di Milano at the beginning of 2015.


MoriInternoitaliano2015 A contemporary reinterpretation of the clothes valet where this classic object meets new geometric rigor and fine craftsmanship in solid wood. The shape of the object offers multiple support so you can choose where to hang your garment depending on the type of garment and its shape.


ZagSubalterno12023 Mondopasta is an exhibition that took place during Milan Design Week 2014 at Subalterno1 Gallery. I see pasta as a well designed product, in which the ingredients and processing contribute to satisfaction of a a gourmet as much as the shape and the decoration do. So I decided to address my thoughts on the detail: the […]

Goal Cup

Goal CupDesign nel pallone2014 The cup is an object where the world of design meets the world of football. I designed a trophy that speaks the same language of the SuperSantos, a plastic replica of the more expensive leather balls. Instead of glitzy gold trophies, players get a net in the sky bent by the […]


Top Young Italian Industrial Designers Prize by the Italian Cultural Institute of New York and La Fondazione NY - 2013 I have been selected as one of the ten “top young Italian industrial designers” by the Italian Cultural Institute of New York and by the architect Massimo Vignelli, president of La Fondazione NY. Wired chair, [...]

Jet Lag

Jet LagTobeus2013 In the WannabeUs collection, Jet Lag took part in the “100×100 tobeus” exhibition that took place from 5 December 2012 to 13 January 2013 at the MOST in Milan. Tobeus cars are made of cedar wood: aromatic, beautiful, natural. An ecological toy: strong, simple. Meant to be durable: respect, reuse, sustainability. All the products of […]


WiredBelca2012 Wired is a stacking chair, designed as a simple placing, tangling and chasing steel tubes, which start paired and parallel, then separate, and then come back again to rejoin. In their travel they draw the seat and the backrest.Wired is adaptable to indoor and outdoor environments, with wooden or metal boards as seats, attached […]


LapelAppartamento Lago2011 With a simple gesture, a two-dimensional sheet becomes an object. This gesture, usually done with a paper sheet, has been replicated and transformed into an industrial process to generate volumes from a sheet. The result is a series of small desk cases with a recognizable aesthetic and functional detail.


RenèAppartamento Lago2011 A piece of metal twisting harmonically in space drawing a volume that is constantly changing depending on where you stand. This creates a perfect functional umbrella stand. Umbrellas are arranged in a single file along the spiral section, the tallest in the center and the smallest one externally.


RootDust to Design2011 A family of vases drawn while observing the different shapes of roots. In order to follow the natural development of roots, the archetype of vases is inverted. Moreover the vase and its saucer have become a single object with the water passing through small holes.


CorollaNutella2008 Corolla, designed with Isaac Pineiro, won first prize at the “Design for Nutella” contest, organized by Ferrero. It is a circular tray that, with a simple gesture, is screwed on to the Nutella jar to create new rituals and ways of consumption. Fruit and Nutella are now put together and it makes their consumption […]


EABixy2008 EA is the electrically assisted bicycle designed with Iulian Bumbu that won first prize in the contest organized by Bixy. The batteries are hidden inside the bike frame and through a normal joint of the folding bike they can be easily removed . In this way you get clean lines and a good weight […]

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