LaCividina – 06.2022


Taco grew out of the wish to revolutionize the production system and all the materials used for an upholstered armchair by destructuring, dematerializing and lightening the product.
So compared with the traditional chair it does not have a wooden structure nor does it have polyurethane foam for the upholstery, but it fully maintains both comfort and appeal.

It all began with the development of the flat shell which was then suitably shaped and a thin Teflon core was inserted between two layers of natural felt. It takes on a three-dimensional quality as a result of the two milled grooves made in the hollow bars that make up the frame which by holding the two parts together defines the final shape.

In November 2022, Taco Chair won the “Archiproducts Design Awards” and “2022 Sustainability Award”

The outcome is a sum of clean-cut geometries and soft curves that alternate and balance each other. So in the same design there is the rectangular chair back, the clear-cut diagonal of the side and embracing curves of the perimeter which arise naturally from the construction method. In this way the product has both its male and female side, it has a balance between technicity and appeal which makes it versatile and suitable both for the home, offices and public spaces.

The innovative construction has advantages in terms of environmental sustainability and circularity of the production process: this small armchair uses much less material and employs production techniques with a low energy impact and besides, it is very light so transportable with less consumption. And last but not least, it is easy to disassemble at the end of its life as the two parts are joined with simple caps that close the frame.

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