Smart Pen for New Writing Set
Moleskine – December 2021

Smart Pen Moleskine, thanks to the built-in camera located on the tip of the pen, instantly captures what it draws on the paper and it scans it into a vector file, ready to be edited and shared.
We did an accurate job in distributing the technology to a slim body of a pen, easy to grasp, reduced in size and well balanced in weights.
The cap instead has been designed in formal contrast with the body and it’s geometric and generous in size. The flat rectangular face with the logo of the company is a strong recall to the brand’s style and helps the placing of the pen on the table or the notebook. This contrast between the two elements represents the dialogue between analogic/digital, masculine/feminine, creativity/rationality.
The design of the tip wraps around the refill and the camera. On the back of it, two metallic contacts have been designed for the recharge with a new pattern which has become the logo of the collection.

Photo Fabrizia Parisi

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