Lotus / Fluid-o-Tech / 01.2020
designed with Giulio Iacchetti

On the occasion of CES in Las Vegas (7-10 January 2020), Fluid-o-Tech presents a brand-new water control and delivery system for the intelligent and conscious use of your home tap.

Lotus is a system of two digital controllers, through whose shifting and rotation it’s possible to manage water temperature, flow and effervescence.
In addition to the controllers, we designed a kitchen faucet that can deliver two different flows, one of which is characterized by microfiltered water, which can be adjusted to be more or less sparkling.
Finally, the controllers can provide information about the quality of the freshly dispensed water and the quantity consumed. Through an App, it’s possible to understand personal habits and to receive advice on how not to waste the precious resource.

Fluid-o-Tech is an Italian company leader in the design and manufacture of positive displacement pumps and systems for the pressurization, metering, dosing and transfer of fluids.

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