First Collection – Dsegno – 2021/22

D-segno is a brand that was set up in 2021 with the idea of producing small home furnishings with particular attention to the new ways of experiencing the home environment: hybrid spaces that combine leisure and work.

I curated the first collection made up of intentionally simple furnishings that are affordable and easily integrated into any home. Each product has a smart little idea.

Photo: Quasar
This was an exercise in design aimed at demonstrating that it is not just about shapes but about proportions, the combination of materials and smart solutions. Out of this project grew a family of products that quietly, unobtrusively fit into the home and often conceal an unexpected function that resolves or simplifies a day-to-day activity. These are objects designed to be affordable and also easy to send and assemble.

The desk with a hidden drawer, the writing desk that creates a micro-environment, the shelf that has a hidden valet tray compartment, the wall coat hanger that can be positioned horizontally or vertically depending on the space available, the modular floor or wall bookcase, the shelf with incorporated book ends are only some of the pieces that make up the initial D-segno collection.

In order of appearance on this page: a family of shelves, Mr. Hyde desk and In&Out shelf, Dese modular bookcase, Wally folding desk.  Below: the Desky desk, the Double coffee table, and the Giuly wall bookcases.

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