DiLo – Digital Lock
Serrature Meroni – 2018


DiLo is the closure system for furniture and lockers conceived for the new working spaces: co-working and smart offices. The knob is an access control system – electronically activated and released – managed with a smartphone through a solid APP (iOS and Android). The closed knob is flush and anti-vandal.

With its user-friendly interface, the intuitive APP or web-based portal, makes the lock’s configuration and user management a really simple task and provides useful data at a glance.

“The object I’ve designed is characterized by aesthetic cleanliness and it is the conjunction ring between the mechanical world (i.e. the dodecagon section at the base of the knob) and the digital one (i.e. the frontal circular section). The transition between the two geometric concepts is gradual, the edges generated by the dodecagon offer a  good grip during rotation. When the knob is closed, the extreme rigor of the circle conceals the technological core.”

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