/D by Belca
Art Direction, Visual Identity, Branding

Fourteen months of work led to the launch of the furniture collection /D, for which I curated the design of the products, the corporate image and the visual identity.
I have always believed that design should bring beauty to even the most popular objects, which is why I enthusiastically accepted the invitation of Belca. A company whose products furnish canteens, schools, airports and public spaces, where budget and resistance are often the criteria to choose furniture.

I worked on the naming and the corporate image to make the collection easily recognizable and memorable.
/D is not a name but a symbol, nearly an emoticon. A powerful visual identity, distinguished by orderly repetitions of the products that, thanks to colour contrast, create graphic patterns. The product presentation images are characterized by a warm and humanizing light that passes through the window and enlightens the subject.
Finally, I designed a new hard copy of the catalogue, a website and an Instagram page.

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