Lorelux by Niteko


Cloche is a collection of street lamps made from recycled plastic using rotational molding. It represents a new approach to creating street lamps based on circular economy principles: a process with lower energy impact, the use of recycled material that can be recycled again at the end of its life in an endlessly repeatable cycle, an assembly of components that promotes maintenance and improved resistance to weather conditions.

The collaboration between my studio and Lorelux began in the second half of 2022 when I was tasked with designing new collections of urban lighting. I started with some general reflections: a lamppost is never a solitary object; it’s always part of a group of identical lighting fixtures that are generally evenly spaced to illuminate a park, a square, or a pedestrian street. This requires a certain sobriety in the design because while an eccentric note may be welcomed to give character to a place, the repetition of extravagance can become tiresome and inappropriate.

Ph. NonFuturo

Another recurring thought was about the romantic aspect of this type of product. I wanted there to be a sense of romanticism and elegance in the design of the new products because, in the collective imagination and as a historical legacy, I think lampposts convey these feelings, whereas now they have often transformed into cold, technical elements with cooling fins and surfaces that appear to be modeled like racing cars.

Cloche brings a distinctly gentle touch to urban lighting. The design of the large dome arises from the technical need to create internal convective motion to cool the illuminating body. Thus, the resulting head is uniquely and characteristically integrated into the pole. The illuminating surface is recessed a few centimeters inside the dome, allowing for the reduction of glare and light pollution.

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