OTO Chair – One to one

designed with Martinelli Venezia
(conceived in 2016, presented in 2020, and produced in 2023)

Hyper-seriality, sustainability, and democratic nature.

One To One presents its first product, OTO Chair, a chair inspired by the circular economy that implements a fully sustainable approach and supply chain. The chair, made of recycled plastic, is produced using a single mould, a third of the size of traditional moulds, and sold by optimising all production stages, from logistics to transportation. The chair can be purchased online and arrives at the buyer’s address within a day, disassembled inside an eco-friendly flat package, just like the product it contains.
OTO Chair is a minimalist and industrial icon, democratic and very easy to assemble: the assembly is an intuitive interlocking system that does not require screws or inserts of any kind.


Video by NonFuturo: Click here
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The story of OTO Chair began six years ago when Alessandro Stabile and Martinelli Venezia started working on a project for an industrial chair that, for both studios, had to activate a new way of thinking and living, consistent with the demands that environmental emergencies impose on human beings. A chair that would be aesthetically relevant, a new chapter in the Made in Italy domestic landscape.

“From the beginning, we realised that using recycled materials was not enough: we had to think about something that would systematise the entire sustainable supply chain, from production to logistics, distribution and assembly, to stimulate the public with a product capable of activating a new awareness.”

OTO Chair is a single-material, easy-to-assemble chair, produced in a single mould and made from post-industrial recycled plastic. It contributes to removing further plastic from the seas thanks to the collaboration between One To One and Ogyre, the first Italian start-up B Corp certified start-up that has developed a digital platform for “Fishing For Litter”: a practice aimed at cleaning up the oceans from waste with the help of fleets of fishermen engaged in collecting marine litter (often during regular fishing activities). Every chair purchased contributes to removing 500 grams of marine litter.

The minimal design of the chair responds to the need to minimize production waste in terms of material, time, and energy. It is packaged in a pack of recycled and recyclable cellulose pulp to be delivered directly to the user. This allows skipping all intermediary steps, saving economically, in transport and emissions.
The sustainability of the OTO Chair is also reflected in its durability and price, inspired by a criterion of inclusiveness. The OTO Chair is available in six colours: onyx, fog, mustard, eucalyptus, coral, and forest.

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