Serrature Meroni – since 2020

Since 2020 I have been the Art Director of Serrature Meroni, the European business leader in the production of locks and closure systems, a firm which has a traditional link with the world of design through the Nova doorknob which is part of the permanent collection of the Triennale Design Museum of Milan.

My work has concerned all fields of business ranging from corporate identity to packaging, to new products to the designing of an app. It has had the specific aim of expressing innovation and contemporaneity, integrating the most modern technologies and focusing on every tiny detail regarding sustainability and aesthetic enhancement. Its objective is to facilitate the migration of companies from a mechanical to a technological-digital world.


First of all, we have developed a series of products that interpret the new way of experiencing the office, where spaces and furniture are no longer for private use but are freely booked and occupied thanks to electronic locks operable also by app. The first product, dating back to 2018, was the DiLo electronic doorknob for lockers, to which has now  been added the handle with integrated AirDoor lock, and the UfoCloud padlock for motor vehicles.


Great attention has been paid to the user experience and graphics of the AliA app. Which features full screen color tiles that represent the different rooms/cupboards/vehicles to be opened. One security swipe and a tap to open and close: it cannot get easier than that. The buttons are always full screen and, depending on the capability available, they divide it into equal parts.


I have also worked on the smallest product of which hundreds of thousands of copies are sold every year: the key for traditional locks. I have redesigned it with a more streamlined look that recalls the archetype. In the folding version I have inverted the position of the mounting and fixing system so as to eliminate unattractive technical details.


All the company packaging has also been redesigned notably improving the environmental impact and reducing costs. The monochromatic colors make for a powerful image so that at first glance the type of product is immediately obvious. Also in the packaging, the coloured cube graphic has been introduced across the board on all the adverts for the products: the cube represents the spaces that Serrature Meroni products lock and make secure.

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