Belca / 2018

Art direction / Brand Identity / Graphic Design

On the occasion of its twentieth anniversary, Belca, a historic brand of furniture for the community, decided to renew its corporate visual identity completely and to undertake a proper process of quality growth which will also affect the product catalogue.

The first step was to design a new logo as well as a pure and contemporary corporate image based on their ability to take and assemble semi-finished products, represented by the circle and the elongated rectangle.
These two geometric figures are the basis of the lettering that characterises the new logo and will be present in different ways as a common thread throughout the corporate visual identity.

The work will include new catalogues, the website, updates of details and colours of the existing collections, and the introduction of a new line of design-oriented products, in which we will try to find the point of union between beautiful design, an affordable cost and strong resistance to mechanical testing.

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