Artifex – 2014

Art Direction with Dario Gaudio

Artifex is the brainchild of Giovanni Soggiu, an artisan and entrepreneur with 30-years experience who decided to create his own brand in 2014, to give room and form to his knowledge and to his vision of the future. He has decided then to launch Artifex, with a lot of energy and with a very clear idea: to start from an extremely versatile and durable kitchen system where he could apply his expertise and his own conception of quality. Artifex does not propose closed solutions but versatile and completely customisable systems. The Artifex products take the functions and the dimensions desired by the customer. It’s up to him to select among a wide set of materials and finishings, whether they should be suggested by the catalogue or unusual suggestions.

Together with Dario Gaudio, I was in charge of the artistic direction: from the naming to the definition of the catalogue as well as the realisation of the launch event, in partnership with the brand Fenix NTM at Jannelli and Volpi space, in Milan.

Visual identity: Paola Taccardi
Photos and Video: Federico Villa

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